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Wild Edibles

Naturalist, Chelsea Ewen Rowcliffe is ready for the Stinging Nettles and Dandelions to start growing in her yard. Spring is for foraging tasty and healthy wild edibles. Because of her wealth of knowledge of wild plants, Chelsea is often asked, "Can I eat this?" She shares identification tips, resources, recipes and a lot more.

Here is just a short list of resources Chelsea listed during the podcast episode.

Nature’s Garden – Samuel Thayer

Foragers Harvest – Samuel Thayer

Incredible Wild Edibles – Samuel Thayer

Mushrooms of the Upper Midwest (and others) – Teresa Marrone

Wild Fruits & Berries (series) – Teresa Marrone

A Scout’s Guide to Wild Edibles – Mike Krebill

Backyard Foraging (and others) – Ellen Zachos

The Skillful Forager (and others) – Leda Meredith

The Sioux Chef – Sean Sherman

Hunt, Gather, Cook (and others) – Hank Shaw

Edible Wild Plants – John Kallas

Midwest Wild Edibles & Foragers Society – Facebook Group

Local Mycological Societies

Local foraging groups (for example Iowa Foragers) on Facebook

Local extension or conservation staff

Follow blogs/Websites/YouTube ( Forager Chef, Backyard Forager,, Learn Your Land, other foraging social media)

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