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The almost Full Story


While scrolling through an endless list of podcasts, Julia Plugge's frustration intensified as she was unable to find one that met her interest.  Millions of podcast episodes streaming on numerous host sites AND not a single one (that she could find) was directed towards a female outdoor enthusiasts wanting to learn at the beginning level. Time to take the buck by the antlers!  Over a glass of wine and campfire, the podcast "She Goes Outdoors" was created. 

Skip through a few chapters to where the podcast is now...... 


The current SGO Podcast Hosts, Rachel Allis (Iowa), Tanna Wagner (Kansas) and Julia Plugge (Nebraska) work closely together on Regional R3 (Recruitment, Retention and Reactivation) projects, focusing on increasing participation in hunting, shooting sports and fishing.  The lines splitting the three states are essentially invisible. 



Splitting the microphone to a three-host show has been a natural fit. The three have similar goals, stomp out fires together and share the same outdoor pursuits. Rachel, Tanna and Julia strategically select guests that will connect, motivate and educate the podcast listeners. Well, selfishly, the ladies select guests that will teach them. They just happen to hit "record" and then post the conversation online!

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