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Welcome the Pollinators

Like all animals, pollinators need food, water, shelter, and space (known as habitat).  Creating a healthy habitat will help support the pollinators in your area.


Make a Watering Station

1. Select a 12" - 18" clean container - glass pie pan, clay pot base.

2. Fill container with small stones, marbles or gems.

3. Add water so that it nearly covers the stones but not totally covering them. Pollinators land on the stones to drink.

4. Replace often with fresh clean water.



Place to Raise Young

1. Include host plants for caterpillars and moths. Find examples in your region -

2. Dead tree branches and limbs will provide shelter for solitary bees to lay eggs.  Create your own using recycled materials.   Ideas



Providing a pollinator friendly landscape for reproducing will help their survival rate.

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