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5 Steps to Start Birding

New to birding and don't know where to start? Look no further. We have developed 5 steps to help you get started, no matter what state you are from!  


Step 1:

Field Guide Familiarity

Bird id can be broken down into the four following categories: size of the bird, shape of the bird, main color of the bird and habitat you're viewing the bird in. Spending time getting familiar with your field guides, can help you properly identify


Step 2:

Start Locally

Put up your bird feeder in your favorite tree in the backyard and watch the wildlife enjoy them.  Start by walking the street, your local park, or by sitting on your porch!


Step 3:

Where to go?

There are numerous bird viewing blinds all throughout your state and numerous organizations show the top birding locations in your state!


Step 4:

Utilizing Your Binoculars

Want to learn how to focus your binoculars to your sight and identifying the full potential of your bionculars? Check out Vortex's YouTube Channel to learn learn how!


Step 5:

Habitat Stamp

Your state's Habitat Stamp 

With the purchase of your states Habitat Stamp, you can directly benefit and fund conservation efforts for the native wildlife.

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